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The App That Makes Mental Math Fun!


FastMath: Mental Math Trainer

Available for free on the App Store


These features will make you a math genius

Race against the clock

FastMath gives you timed tests that help you to become lightning fast when solving exercises in your head.

Times tables made easy

Knowing your times tables is the base of quick mental math. That's why FastMath makes it easy to practice them.

Best-in-class customization

Everyone has different needs. Because we know that, you can fully customize your mental math training.

Numerous exercise types

You will never be bored with FastMath because we offer many exercise types and frequently add new ones.

Track your progress

FastMath aims to keep you motivated by helping you to visualize your progress over time.

Build a habit

Build a habit and make mental math practice part of your daily routine – you'll be a mental math genius in no time!

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